OSF Comprehensive Cancer Center with Proton Therapy

Development of this state-of-the-art cancer center requires a specialized approach with extreme precision to prepare for installation of a proton therapy machine and other features that will make Peoria a national leader in cancer care.

1 of 2
centers in Illinois
sq. ft.
$250 million
project budget


  • Estimated completion: Fall 2023
  • 1 of only 32 proton treatment centers in North America

OSF HealthCare set out to build a Comprehensive Cancer Center with state-of-the-art technology that will make Peoria a regional destination for cutting-edge treatment and services that focus on patient wellness.

A hallmark of the project is proton beam therapy, which will make it only the second center in Illinois offering the treatment and one of only 32 in North America treating patients. This targeted radiation therapy can reduce treatment times and decrease complications by sparing healthy tissue, allowing for less disruption for patients and caregivers.

Along with an infusion center, the facility on the campus of OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center will also offer resources for families navigating treatment, areas for medical collaboration and indoor-outdoor spaces that foster healing.



  • 6-story Comprehensive Cancer Center

POINTCORE is tasked with planning and overseeing construction of the OSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is not limited to budget, design and coordination.

The proton beam therapy heightens this complex project. The machine that administers the advanced treatment is a significant investment that requires detailed coordination and planning to implement properly. The installation itself is a one-year process completed by the manufacturer. In anticipation of the installation date, crews must prepare the facility to the manufacturer’s specifications with exceptional accuracy and precision. The machine is housed within a concrete vault that’s seven- to nine-feet thick, which must pass tolerance tests to ensure it can withstand and contain radiation.

That’s one of several challenges associated with a project of this kind. Because the therapy is so new, few contractors have experience building a facility for it, so comprehensive planning is even more critical.

The center also features a healing garden, a cancer services area to connect families with supportive resources, a teaching kitchen, a collaborative conference room for clinicians to review cases and treatments, and infusion bays around the second floor with views out the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows.



Orchestrating a project of this caliber with stringent requirements and budgetary limits requires a specialized approach. To effectively chart out the project, POINTCORE conducted extensive pre-planning with a robust arsenal of tools. POINTCORE started this process by drafting historical cost information providing a rough estimate of the project before completing a constructibility review to determine the most cost-effective construction. It’s integral to provide every team member with information that allows them to proceed smoothly. POINTCORE utilized 360-degree photography to document anything behind walls, as well as conducting clash detection using 3D technology to coordinate the mechanical systems.



POINTCORE is on track to oversee the completion of the OSF Comprehensive Cancer Center by the fall of 2023. It will serve a population that would otherwise have to travel much farther to receive such renowned treatment. Through extensive planning measures, POINTCORE has provided direction and clarity for this deadline-driven project, overseeing construction of a holistic cancer center and properly preparing for the intricate installation of the proton therapy machine.

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