Committed to Safety

Protecting people is part of our business philosophy. We always strive for zero incidents. Before a project even begins, we focus on prevention, implementing proactive measures to establish a safe environment so our partners can continue to care for those they serve.

For many construction firms, safety is a priority. But priorities change. At POINTCORE, safety is a value.

We lead the industry by continually improving our safety standards.

Each day our goal is to send everyone safely back home to their families, so every protocol is developed around that objective.

This commitment also extends to patients. We align our own mission with that of our partners: To provide a safe environment that fosters healing for all.

Through extensive measures, we keep job sites contained so neighboring facilities remain pristine and can seamlessly operate.

Safety starts with a culture of accountability and recognition.

We work with everyone involved on a project to make sure they comply with federal requirements from OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as local safety rules.

Our own standards go beyond those requirements to establish an even safer environment. Since falls are the greatest hazard in the field, we take specific steps to mitigate that risk.

Before working on any POINTCORE project, every crew member – whether they’re an employee or subcontractor – must complete our orientation, which clearly sets expectations, like following our six-foot fall protection rule.

Under OSHA, crews must take fall precautions, but the height they must do so varies depending on the type of work being done.

To us, that’s not enough. At six feet, we require all workers to use protections, like a personal fall arrest system to latch themselves to the structure, in order to keep them from getting hurt if they do fall.

“We are all in for safety.”

Ahead of construction, we meet with hospital staff and our building partners for a Proactive Construction Risk Assessment to discuss timeline, the impact construction could have on patient areas and the potential hazards workers could face.

Once work begins, we conduct a Daily Activity Hazard Analysis each morning to outline tasks with the teams and identify the tactics and personal protection requirements to mitigate any associated risks.

If safety concerns arise, we conduct coaching sessions with those involved to dialogue about how they can be handled best moving forward. Throughout the process, we also capture data and review it with leadership monthly to examine our performance and inform our ever-evolving standards.

Our role is to support the mission of our healthcare partners. 

At POINTCORE, we continuously anticipate needs to assist hospital staff and patients.

We always put protections in place to keep them safe and we enhance those safeguards as needed when working near high-risk patients. As part of infection control, we install plastic barriers between construction and the rest of the hospital and develop a negative pressure space, so air only circulates within the project zone.

These protocols were in place before COVID, and since the pandemic began, we’ve worked alongside our partners to forecast critical needs and develop solutions so they can best serve their communities and remain safe doing so.

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