Telemedicine Transformation

We’re at the forefront of creating telemedicine facilities that increase efficiencies and foster collaboration.

We are changing the way healthcare is administered.

Telemedicine is the future – there’s no question. But how telemedicine is implemented and delivered remains unclear, even as the COVID pandemic has accelerated the need for it.

That’s what we’re helping to shape. Along with our partners at OSF HealthCare, we’re developing the innovative environments that will best allow clinicians to serve patients.

Together, we’re establishing the future of healthcare today.

This includes envisioning exam rooms where doctors can comfortably hold appointments by video, as well as overseeing the development of a state-of-the-art facility where medical staff can remotely monitor patients at 14+ hospitals across Illinois and beyond.

It isn’t just about installing extra monitors. It’s about strategically creating technology-enabled spaces that centralize care, reducing friction points for everyone involved so that staff can remain focused on patients.

Every step of the way, healthcare workers inform our approach.

In drafting the plans for exam rooms, we utilized virtual animations to illustrate options of how existing exam rooms could be updated with virtual capabilities.

In one animation, a doctor is sitting in an office chair in front of a laptop stand to conduct a call. In another, he’s on a small couch facing a large monitor hung on the opposite wall.

We then discuss the variations with the very people who could be staffing out of them. The same goes for those who will be based out of Saint Gabriel, the remote monitoring facility.

The idea for this project grew out of an approach implemented about a decade ago when cameras were places in ICU rooms to remotely monitor a multitude of patients’ vitals at once by staff scattered around the state.

The new facility will enable them to streamline operations so staff can collaborate swiftly.

The updated office building will be home to a 24/7 operation with 300 total employees monitoring patients across the region. Workspaces will feature adjustable desks configured into pods that foster teamwork while also providing privacy to interface about patients with staff on the ground.

These are critical needs that have only increased with COVID and show no sign of diminishing.

The transformation of healthcare is underway and we’re proud to help lead the way.

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