Thermal Imaging

Our in-house thermal imaging enables us to rapidly identify potential building issues and provide effective solutions. We recently utilized this technology with a drone to analyze a 20-year-old roof for a project with our healthcare system partner.

We invest in resources like thermal imaging because we’re committed to exceptional quality control.

Through specialized cameras with heat mapping capabilities, thermal imaging can detect potential issues within buildings ranging from energy leaks to plumbing blockages.

To ensure that projects meet our exceptionally high standards, we use this tool to evaluate sites before construction even begins.

Our investment in this equipment and training includes:

  • technical software
  • drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras
  • drone certifications for select staff members to capture data from above

Through the continuous transparency that this provides, we’re able to conduct effective pre-planning, making construction a clear and steady process.

We implored this method with a drone during a project with our partners at OSF HealthCare, which involved converting a grocery store built in 2001 into a clinic to consolidate five of their departments.

By conducting an aerial assessment with a drone, we were able to investigate the integrity of the 20-year-old roof for water intrusion concerns.

The existing roof system consisted of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane with many penetrations, openings created to accommodate utilities, vents, and mechanical equipment.

On the heat map developed from thermal imaging, spots around the perimeter of the roof appeared red, connoting areas where water could enter the building.

The analysis revealed that about 10 percent of the roof needed to be replaced.

Before moving forward, we confirmed those results with a third-party roofing consultant who inspected the roof on foot.

We then proceeded to put together an Options Study for OSF HealthCare to provide a straightforward comparison of the available solutions complete with descriptions, estimated cost and any other variables that we deemed worth consideration.

In working closely with OSF HealthCare, we understood their capital spending constraints, so we developed several creative approaches that ranged from targeted repairs to a complete replacement of the roof membrane and insulation.

From this information, OSF HealthCare could easily compare their options and opted for targeted repairs with patching, resulting in savings of $300,000.


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